Infection control – annual statement



This statement provides a review of known infection transmission events Dentistry@BD4. It summarises the audits undertaken and the subsequent actions, the assessment of risks for the prevention and control of infection, the training received by staff, and the review and update of infection control policies, procedures and guidance.


In compliance with good practice on infection prevention and control, a copy of this statement is available to patients on request.


Known infection transmission events


 There have been no known infection transmission events at the dental practice.



Describe the audits undertaken since the start of the period and the resulting actions – for example:     


Infection control audits were conducted every six months using the Department of Health / Infection Prevention Society Infection Control Audit tool/CD-ROM. The results of these audits are available from the practice manager.


Risk assessments

The general practice risk assessment and COSHH assessment identify possible risks of infection and the controls in place to manage these risks. The practice infection control policy and associated protocols and procedures further address the need to manage the risk of infection. Each member of staff is aware of the practice risk assessment and COSHH assessment and has received a copy of the practice infection control policy and understands the need for it to be followed routinely.


The practice risk assessment, COSHH assessment and infection control policies and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. The current assessments were undertaken and policies and protocols reviewed on the following dates:




Staff training

All members of the team are encouraged to follow their continuing professional development requirements for disinfection and decontamination.  The practice provides update and refresher training on the infection control procedures adopted by the practice to ensure that all members of the team are aware of and work to current recommendations. Training in the infection control procedures for the practice is included in the practice induction programme for new staff.






During the last year, the following team and individual training has been undertaken:



Infection Control

Medical emergency training

Health and Safety

Data protection

First aid

mental capacity

Prevent duty


Review and update of policies, procedures and guidance

The practice policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and at least annually to ensure their currency. The practice infection control policies and procedures were reviewed and updated where necessary to reflect the requirements of the Department of Health (England) guidance


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Facial Aesthetics and Cosmetic Treatments

The cosmetic treatments we offer are both realistic and affordable. We believe that providing the right cosmetic guidance and treatments runs deeper than simply improving your outer appearance, it can play a major role in improving self-confidence and play a contributory role in raising self-esteem. We will soon be introducing facial aesthetics to our available treatments.

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